IceTech as a worlwide manufacturer provides a comprehensive and versatile range of products. Check dry ice blasting equipment, dry ice production machines and atomated solutions designed by IceTech.

Dry Ice


With IceTech dry ice cleaning equipment you can clean on-site without dismantling and costly downtime, with no residue from the cleaning media.

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Dry Ice


To provide the highest output with minimal space requirements, the lowest energy consumption and maintenance costs, IceTech developed a wide range of pelletizers, conveyor systems and dry ice containers.

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Dry Ice


IceTech’s semi and fully automated solutions have been developed with the intention of manufacturing an automated cleaning system which meets the requirements of industrial companies for a continuous cleaning process.

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Über icetech

We build dry ice blasting systems since 1998.

IceTech was formed in 1998 to design and manufacture reliable, high-performance dry ice blasting equipment.  Our dry ice blasting systems and technology are appreciated by thousands of our customers around the globe. Since 2016 we are a part of global dry ice blasting leader – Coldjet.

IceTech has provided dry ice solutions for more than a decade, and continues to serve the world with superior dry ice technology through a highly versatile line of dry ice blasting (dry ice cleaning), dry ice production, and automated solutions.

For the last 16 years of activity IceTech has created a strong, growing network of more than 30 distributors and direct sales forces that supplies equipment worldwide.

Mike Wozniakowski
Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services, Inc
Our IceTech dry ice blasting machine pays for itself. In addition to our blaster we regularly use the nozzles in our IT-3 kit. Work that used to take 2 days to complete now takes 2 hours. The job gets done fast! It’s 1000x faster than cleaning by hand.


IceTech Trockeneisstrahlgeräte können grundsätzlich in allen Bereichen eingesetzt werden. Unsere Geräte entfernen effektiv und schonend verschiedene Verschmutzungen von Teilen, Formen, Maschinen und ganzen Produktionslinien. Alles wird restlos sauber. Anbei finden Sie einige Branchen, in denen sich unsere Trockeneisstrahler bereits durchgesetzt haben.



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