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Food processing equipment

Carbon residue, proteins, waxes, seasonings and crumbs can build up inside food processing equipment and affect product quality. Food processing facilities are held to strict hygiene standards, so proper cleaning and maintenance is a key factor in operations.

Dry ice cleaning provides a way to clean ovens without chemicals, solvents, or water. The dry ice pellets turn to gas (sublimate) upon contact, so there is no secondary cleanup. Cleaning with dry ice allows food processing equipment to be cleaned without scrubbing or scraping; reducing water waste and damage with equipment. The dry ice is a food grade material that is EPA, FDA, and USDA approved.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are constantly coated in crumbs, oils, and other various contaminants that accumulate over time. Fully cleaning conveyor systems can be a time consuming process. Utilizing a pressure washer requires electrical components to be wrapped, water waste to be collected, and equipment to be reassembled before production can resume. Water blasting can also cause harm to parts by flushing out the lubrication on chains. Additionally, when utilizing water as a cleaning media, it is extremely difficult to remove 100% of moisture. Excess water can lead to bacterial growth and product contamination.

Dry ice cleaning is a great deterrent to bacterial growth because CO₂ displaces oxygen; a necessary component for microorganisms to grow. As a completely dry process, dry ice cleaning is the perfect cleaning solution for conveyors in food processing facilities. Conveyor equipment can be cleaned while it is in place, and in operation as dry ice is a food grade media. This allows food processing facilities to reduce downtime and increase production.

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