Evolution Line

The Elite 20 and Xtreme 40 are the most powerfu dry ice blasting machines on the market. Designed to fit the needs of any production facility, the Evolution line offers the best results when dry ice cleaning. The Evolution Line provides a dry ice blasting solution for any cleaning task. Its operational versatility makes it suitable for both lighter applications and for extremely heavy duty cleaning.

Evolution Line Values

A machine for your facility’s needs

With machines to fit ½”, ¾”, and 1” airlines, the Evolution Line is designed to fit any production facility.

100% insulated hopper

The Elite 20 and Xtreme 40 are made with a fully insulated hopper, designed to help minimize sublimation.

Powerful motor

The Evolution Line is equipped with a 24 Volts DC motor, which supports a higher torque for optimal blasting.

Rugged design

The Evolution Line is made with a pure, stainless steel frame designed to work through any production environment.

Evolution Line products


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