High Volume

IceTech's high volume pelletizers fulfill the need for consistent dry ice production. With minimal space requirements and low costs of ownership it is possible to produce constant, high quality dry ice on demand

High Volume Line Values

Closed chamber technology

Save extreme quantities of liquid C0₂ using the hydraulic IceMakers from IceTech. The new hydraulic pelletizers ensure a consistent dry ice pellet flow and maximizes efficiency and profitability

Automatic change extruder plate

Reduce downtime and eliminate wasted CO₂ with IceTech’s automatic change extruder plates. With the option of two different pellet sizes, the automatic change extruder plate optimized dry ice pellet production.

Produce dry ice pellets from the first stroke

IceTech’s new pelletizer series produces dry ice pellets from the first stroke. By producing dry ice within the first 25 minutes, 90% of the start-up CO₂ is saved during production.

Moisture-free enclosure

Maintain a positive CO₂ environment while eliminating the potential for ice build-up on the barrel with IceTech’s enclused dry ice production equipment. The moisture-free enclosure also reduces the noise level below 75 db(A)

High Volume products


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