Dry Ice Production

IceTech Dry Ice Production

IceTech dry ice production equipment has been engineered to provide complete dry ice manufacturing solutions. Our line of dry ice production equipment includes dry ice pelletizers, dry ice slice production equipment, dry ice packaging systems, and dry ice containers.

Why is IceTech's dry ice production unique?

World’s highest production capacity

  • Multiple barrel design
  • Energy efficient
  • Flexible production capacity

World’s fastest slice production

  • Rotary mold design
  • Maximize CO₂ usage
  • Food grade media

Higher conversion efficiency

  • Heat exchangers precool incoming liquid CO₂ for the best conversion factor
  • Heat exchangers keep hydraulcs cool
  • The need for radiators and fans is eliminated

Fully integrated smart machines

  • Embeded PC with complete OS
  • Easy integration to production control system
  • Dynamic monitoring , full bios over the web

24/7 support by full telemetry

  • Global support
  • Remote operation
  • Integrated production, planning and control

Customized conveyor and storage systems

  • Complete solution from production to packaging
  • The highest output with minimal footprint
  • HACCP materials


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